Reach Sunland Village East Residents

P2P Advertising Benefits

  • Cost Effective: Most efficient way to reach SVE residents.
  • Targeted Audience: P2P allows you to reach a highly targeted audience interested in your products and services.
  • Trust & Credibility: Build trust in SVE by supporting this community forum.

How Does SVE P2P Reach SVE Residents so effectively?

P2P delivers thousands of emails every day to SVE Residents anxious to read about the latest in the village. We include your ad in both emails and on the website.  You can see an example of an ad at the top of this page. We charge for ads just like Google and Facebook but at a fraction of the cost.  Each time an ad is displayed on either an email or a web page is called an impression. Google and Facebook charge more than $6 per 1,000 impressions while the P2P cost is less than half. 

Sponsor Package Material Needed

  • Large Leaderboard Photo (jpg or png)  (970 x 90): Will be shown on website pages
  • Large Mobile Photo (jpg or png) (320 x 100): Will be shown on emails and smart phones
  • Website Landing Page also called the Click Destination. When a villager, clicks your ad, they will be taken to this site. It can be any webpage of your choosing. You can have them fill out a form requesting more information, go into detail about your product/service. The possibilities are endless. PAI can get you started by using your default business page on P2P


Do it Yourself

  1. If you don’t already have the banner photos described above, I recommend using Fiverr to create these banners. You will find dozens of artists willing to create these banner ads at a reasonable price. I used Mamun and am very happy with his work. Of course, you can also create them yourself. If you choose to create yourself, I recommend Canva.
  2. If you don’t have any catch slogans for your banner ads, PAI can help. Click on his icon in the bottom right and ask him something like “Create 5 banner ad slogans for my handyman business that highlight my low price, quality work, and friendly nature.”

Let Us Do It

  1. If you subscribe with either a Gold or Silver Package, we will design all the banner ads and a custom web page.
  2. Simple to get started – click the button below.

First 10 Sponsors take half off for first 3 months – Use Promotion Code “P2P50” at Checkout


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