How is this site related to the sve-p2p google group?

Great Question. Some of us got tired of either wading through hundreds of emails or missing p2p posts that we really wanted to see. This site solves both of those problems. By entering or modifying your search words in the ‘My Alerts’ button, you will immediately get either an email or text alert when a p2p post is made with any of those search words. In addition, the ‘My Alerts’ button keeps track of all the posts that contain your search words. Pretty Slick!  In addition, this site adds the HOA posts, and allows you to have an unmoderated, but respectful discussion with your neighbors. Wow!

Website Summary Comparison

  1. Reduce p2p emails that you are not interested in
  2. Immediate alerts when p2p post is made that you are interested in
  3. Keeps track of all posts that you are interested in
  4. Alerts you when someone comments on your post
  5. HOA posts are included
  6. Forum provides a way to discuss any topic with your neighbors in a respectful environment