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What Causes Roof Storm Damage?
There are four (4) main suspects of storm damage to your roof: wind, water, hail, and debris.

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How to Spot Roof Storm Damage
After a big storm, you might expect that you have received some sort of storm damage,but do you know how to spot it?

Here’s what to look for when looking for storm damage:
* Wet Spots on the Ceiling
* Missing or Damaged Shingles
* Discoloration or Dented Shingles


What to do you if you have Roof Storm Damage?
Fill out an Architectural Change Request Form. It ensures all homeowners in Sunland Village East are aware of the general rules and requirements for the maintenance and updating of all homes within the community. In addition, all documents submitted with the application becomes a permanent record that helps the property value.


Last Note: Keep the association from having to issue a citation for Weeds. RCC&R Article 4.1.17 requires each owner to maintain a high standard of care to provide a neat, clean, trimmed and attractive appearance.

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