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SVE Residents,

In March you will receive a ballot with items to vote on and a slate of potential candidates for the Board of Directors. Though, this does not happen without the time and dedication of many vital residents on the nominating and elections committee. The nominating committee is required per our Bylaws and has the crucial job of finding, recruiting, vetting, and compiling nominations for the Board. The nominating committee is in need of volunteers, including a chair for the committee. There are guidelines in place and Bob Bernard, current committee chair, will assist the appointed committee chair with onboarding and dissemination of important information.

Are you interested? Contact Bob Bernard at 515-494-3434 or with your qualifications and why you would like to serve on the committee. If you are interested in chairing the committee, please indicate that as Bob will inform the Board of Directors. Bob gave his notice to the Board of Directors that he has resigned from the nominating committee but will provide initial guidance to the appointed chair as well as the committee at-large. Your community needs your time and support, consider volunteering in this role!

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