November 7, 2023


To find out who your captain is, go to ( you may need to register to log in the first time) Under the tab BLOCK CAPTAINS, click on ALL BLOCK CAPTAINS. Scroll down to the map and find your SUPER BLOCK. You may have to proceed through the three pages to find your area of SVE. The RED TABS are the captains. Find the one closest to your house. They DO NOT need to live on your street. 

You can become as involved as little or as much as you’d like in SVE Neighborhood Watch, a program supported and overseen by the Mesa PD, who say our strong commitment and volunteers are one reason SVE is one of the safest communities in Mesa. The more captains and co-captains, volunteers, and attendees at meetings, the stronger our program will be, keeping us, as well as our home values, healthy. 

SVE Neighborhood Watch: We look out for each other. 

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