November 22, 2023

Author:  butterpats7 

A friend from out-of-state will be moving to this area soon.  He would like a dentist that doesn't “gouge the mouth or wallet”.  Only needed at this point is basic dental cleaning and x-rays.  

Thank you with Thanksgiving blessings.  
Kindly contact: 
Mary at (623) 238-6531
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4 thoughts on “SERVICE”

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    Sunshine dental. Dr. Wang and his staff ate amazing located on Brown Rd between power and rocker 480-325-5700

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    Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has responded so far. I appreciate your suggestions. Would be good to receive a few more.

    Does anyone have thoughts about
    Dr. Rodney Palmer, who is located nearby on Baseline?

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    Again, it has been so great to receive more responses. My friend and I appreciate it very much.

    A question received: does anyone have any thoughts about Sossaman Family Dental on Ellsworth?

    Many thanks!


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