November 7, 2023

Author:  gnault 

Above posted for a neighbor.

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This afternoon, an individual came to our house and identified himself as being with a company that was conducting a third-party solar audit for SRP (Salt River Project Electric).  His explanation was that some folks with solar arrays on their houses were not getting the solar credit they were due from SRP and they were doing the audit to correct the situation.
His explanation was that under older agreements with SRP folks only got a 65% credit for their solar generation and that it had later been changed to 75% and that recently the State of Arizona had changed the laws that allowed homeowners to obtain up to 125% credit on their electric bills.  He then asked to see a copy of an electric bill to confirm whether or not I was receiving the correct solar credit to my bill.  I left him outside and went inside the house to check my latest electric bill for my solar credit and it appeared on my bill.
I went out and explained there was no issue here and he again asked for a copy of our electric bill so he could submit the bill to SRP and correct the issue and insure we were getting the proper credit from SRP.  I asked him for the company he was working for’s copy of the Registration of Corporation license and any other documents he had besides the phot tag.  He said he had none.  I asked if he even had a business card and he told me anyone could create a business card.  I next told him I would be contacting SRP to verify the audit and he told me SRP would deny the audit because they wanted to keep more of my money.
I explained to him that I had spent 38 years in law enforcement and what he was asking was at least a solicitation and most probably a potential scam on home owners.  He got quite upset with me and I gave him 10 seconds to leave my property as I got my cell phone from my pocket and warned him I would next call the police and have him arrested for criminal trespass if he didn’t leave my property.
I spoke with SRP and they did deny they had a third-party auditor and that it was obviously someone trying to sell additional solar cells.  The SRP representative spent a good deal of time with me explaining the solar panel credits that I was aware of plus some new information.  I was able to check the company the solicitor said he represented and found they have no ROC registration and are not on the SRP preferred installer list.
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