October 23, 2023

Author:  debbiepgtown@yahoo.com 

The SVE Veterans Club is wrapping up the Veteran Recognition Lawn Sign Program registration. Registration is due by October 29th (THIS SUNDAY). The goal of this program is to place is to honor our Community veterans by placing a recognition lawn sign on the personal property of EVERY LIVING VETERAN IN SVE. All participants are required to register for this service to allow placement of the signs between the sidewalk and front lawn for the week. Please do not keep the signs, they are owned by the Club and will be used yearly.

If you had a sign last year-We have sent three emails (Sept. 30, Oct 11th & 23rd) attempting to gain permission to place the sign in your yard to those that received a sign last year. Please check your email and reply that you would like a sign this year. It is not an automatic process due to people moving, etc. and needing your permission to install the sign.

First time sign request-You must be a living veteran and we need a signed registration form. These are kept on file for our records. This form can be found on the front porch at 8341 E. Monterey Avenue and placed in the drop box. Each year you will receive a registration email.

We kindly ask that you register before the due date so they can all be installed by our volunteers on Sunday, November 5th and removed on Sunday, November 12th. Our Club members are very busy during the SVE Veteran Recognition Week hosting several events to ensure our Community veterans are honored. If not are physically NOT in SVE nor able to get a form, please contact Debbie Pfeil, SVE Veterans Club President at 302-242-4468.

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