Village Information Central (VIC) is your one-stop location to find out what is going on in the village. It is an artificial intelligent agent designed to have normal conversations. So – just chat with it like you would with a real person. VIC is always learning about the latest items from around the village. If it doesn’t know, it will try to find out. If it is wrong, please let it know as described below.

Some examples of how to chat with VIC

  • When are card games played?
  • How do I start a club?
  • What are the pool hours?
  • How do I reserve a tennis court?
  • Tell me about the ACC and the associated rules.
  • How does the association budget its funds?
  • Tell me about security in the village.
  • How do I send a P2P post?
  • How do I reduce the number of emails I get from P2P?

Special or “Magic Words” (No charge)

  • Help – Display this page
  • Please Learn – Enables you to provide information that you would like VIC to learn. In addition, if you would like VIC to research something, it will go find out.
  • Wrong – VIC is always striving to provide the most accurate information. If VIC is wrong, please inform it. VIC will give you 10 free questions once it confirms its error.
  • My name is – If you would like VIC to address you by name, this is how you can tell it.
  • Status – VIC will summarize your subscription date and number of questions you have asked.