Premium Subscription

P2P has outgrown Google Groups and any free service. With more than 1500 subscribers and typically over 40,000 emails per day, we have moved to a commercial mailing list service. Unfortunately, it is not free but it has its benefits. The goal is to get sponsors for the website and to provide these premium subscriptions at no cost.


  • 5 Posts per day vs 1 Post with free subscriptions
  • Immediate email when someone posts
  • One email per post (not combined like in free subscriptions)
  • Choose only post categories that you want (For Sale, Rental, Services, Sold)
  • Filtered Alerts (Texts or email) to find posts that contain your key words
  • Subscription Price – $10 per year
  • Price includes up to 5,000 emails to you
  • $2 per 1,000 emails if you go over
  • 7 day free trial

Credit Card

  • Most Secure
  • Manage Account Online
  • Instantly Add Premium Subscriptions
  • Real Time Feedback of emails received

Cash or Check

  • Snail Mail Cash or Check
  • Add Premium Services within a week of paying
  • Real Time Feedback of emails received