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I’m not getting any emails.
  • Check your Spam folder – add and as contacts. (You can also set up a filter as described in the next topic)
  • When logged in, select Help>>Set Email Options
  • Ensure you have a subscription type chosen and your emails are not paused
  • Click Submit
  • If you have not subscribed before, you will get an email shortly to confirm that you would like to receive emails from P2P.
  • Wait a day for emails to appear
How do I set a mail filter so the SVE P2P emails don’t go into my spam folder?

Every email client is a little different, but generally:

I’m getting too many emails.
  • When logged in, select Help>>Set Email Options
  • Select Digest to get one a day
  • or Become a Premium Member to receive only the posts that interest you.
I’m having trouble logging into the website.

The SVEP2P website does not use passwords, it uses one time codes instead. This means all you need is your email address. Once the website verifies your eligibility, it will send you an email with a one time code. This code will be stored on your device. As long as you don’t log out, you will only have to go through this process once. (You must accept cookies from this website to remain signed in)

What to Expect

Never Registered for the website

  1. Go to, you will see the Home Page.
  2. Select the Login Menu Item.
  3. Under “Brand New to the Website”, fill out the information.
  4. PAI will validate your eligibility and login you in immediately.

Previously Registered for Website

  1. Go to, you will see the Home Page.
  2. Click Login.
  3. Since you have already registered, simply enter your email address in the “Returning to the Website” area.
  4. After you click submit, the website will email you a login button (that includes your one time code)
  5. Click the button on the email you received and you will be logged in. (No password required!!)
What are the P2P Policies?


When adding P2P posts, we ask that you follow the guidelines below to help keep everyone’s inbox under control. If you would like to post something that does not follow the guidelines below, we ask that you go to the forum portion of the website where your comments and opinions are not censored. The forum is not moderated but we ask for politeness and respect as you engage in friendly and constructive dialog with your neighbors.

(1) No religion or politics.

(2) No bad language.

(3) No jokes — not even about computers.

(4) No commercial selling. There are many personal services offered by SVE residents that would be of use to other SVE residents including but not limited to pet sitting, personal care, tax services, house sitting, clothing alterations, jewelry repair, painting, cabinetry, plumbing, locksmithing, massage, etc. SVE residents are permitted to post one ad a month offering these services. The subject line should read “Service Offered” and then list the service. Any outside service used by a SVE resident can be “recommended” on the post if excellent service was received by the person using the service, but only SVE residents may advertise their personal services. (Homes and condos for sale must include “for sale by owner.”)

(5) No bickering or personal attacks or “flaming.” Flaming is defined as an e-mail message in which the writer attacks another participant in harsh, and often personal terms. Verbal attacks on the Group are poor netiquette and will not be tolerated. When appropriate, use private email instead of posting to the group.

(6) No copied or pasted material; all messages must be original content.

(7) Do not send attachments. We have learned that some of our subscribers have email programs that cannot handle a large file. If you want to send a graphic or attachment, announce it in your email and offer to send it to anyone who asks that you do so. Pictures of items for sale are okay. (8) No forwarding of third-party messages of any kind. There are lots of messages floating around the Internet that we do not want on the Group. Examples are hoax warnings about viruses, chain letters, and sentimental “hug your friends” messages that are inappropriate for this Group, Anything that says to send it to everyone you know is 90-percent sure to be either a hoax, an urban legend (a false story) or pseudo-science. You can check out these items at the following addresses:, and

(9) Please, do NOT send holiday greetings through the group. Please do not put on the Group any holiday stories, poems, jokes or similar material. Again, send it to your friends if you wish, but do it privately.

How do I pause my emails while I am gone?

If you are leaving town or just don’t want to get emails for a while, you can pause them. There are two ways to pause your emails.

Website Menu

  1. Once you are logged in, click Help>>Set Email Options
  2. Select Pause
  3. Enter Resume Date and PAI will begin sending you emails on that date.

Emails coming from the Website

  1. On every email you receive from the website, you will see a “Subscriptions” Menu Item.
  2. Click this menu item and select Pause. (You must be logged in)
How do I update my P2P settings, controlling number and type of emails I am receiving?

Click “Help->Set Email Options” in the main menu above. (You must be logged in)

My photos aren’t showing up on the website. What can I do?

The website does not accept HEIC photos yet. HEIC photos are created by the latest smart phones . To change the type of photo that your provide to P2P:

How do I ensure that my posts are categorized correctly?

PAI attempts to categorize your posts into one of 4 categories: For Sale, Services, Rental, and Sold. As with any Artificial Intelligence, he is not perfect. You can tell PAI what the category of your post is by including one of the categories in the subject of your email followed by a colon. For instance, if you are selling golf clubs, the subject might be “For Sale:Golf Clubs”. PAI will then know for sure how to categorize your post. Characteristics of the categories are:

  • For Sale – Easiest to understand, if you would like to sell something or even give it away, categorize it as For Sale
  • Services – This category is for people who are looking for or recommending a service. For instance, if you are looking for an experienced roofer or you want to recommend a roofer, categorize it as Services
  • Rental – Again pretty self explanatory. If you are looking for a rental or would like to rent your home, categorize it as a rental.
  • Sold – To mark something as sold, you should comment on the original post. However, if you cant find it, you can create a new post and indicate that your item is sold.
Why are Categories Important?

SVE P2P now enables our neighbors to limit the P2P emails they receive. By ensuring the category is correct, you can maximize the exposure of your post.

None of the above helped. 

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